(pl) Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1 im. T. Kościuszki in Barlinek

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Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1 im. T. Kościuszki w Barlinku
ul. Jeziorna 12
74-320 Barlinek


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Cleaning the World
Makrame Workshops
Nordic Walking
Cooking Workshops
Direction Song
Workshop in Poland


Comment by Sandra |

this trip was very funny,it was very interesting

Comment by Alicia F. |

I enjoyed the trip.I was in Barlinek 2014 where was the big Parade through Barlinek. I also found new friends like Paula and Zuzanna. Zuzanna stayed in  my house 2013. The weather was nice and the boat trip with Paul was good :)

Comment by Abigel |

Nagyon tetszett az egész út, de leginkább annak örültem, hogy kipróbálhattuk a Nordic walking-ot.

I loved the whole trip, most of all I enjoyed the Nordic walking.

Comment by Rubén |

I loved this trip! The thing I enjoyed most was the dance we did all the mornings, but can somebody say the name of the song?

Comment by Ulla |

Hi Rubén , the song's title was : Belgian song. Have a look on Youtube - for instance under: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poH9F74e7B0. You can hear the music and rehearse the steps.

Comment by gerrit |

I like your Erasmus photo. I was in Poland workshop I liked it very much.

Comment by Zuza |

This photo it's verry funny... I miss you!!

Comment by Kasia |

Best tour !!!