Meeting in Porumbesti Mar/Apr 2016

Our 4th transnational teachers' meeting in Romania, 28th March - 1st April 2016

Our last meeting in our project: " Back to our future "  took place in Satu Mare and Porumbesti  in Romania.

We collated all our activities, projects and outcomes - the book of fables is being printed at the moment! - , talked about the documentary film and made  decisions for the Big Event  in Berlin ( 24th June to 2nd July).

A big issue was our self evaluation  at the end of the project: What do we have achieved? What progress did everyone - students, teachers and school - make?  Did the project help with progress in school and individual progress and to what extend.

Lesley Aitken gave an overview of what we will have to collate from students, head teachers and teachers.

We set dead lines and targets for the documentary film and the materials to be sent.

Eva had informed the press - so we had a report in the local Romanian press and a short film in the local TV.

We also enjoyed the culture and heritage of our Romanian friends with a visit to an open air museum, a pottery and to BUKI House, where some children of our partner school go to in the afternoon and do their homework, play and learn.

We enjoyed to be together as group in this constallation  for the last time - sadly the colleagues from Austria, Scotland and Romania itself  could not apply for the new project. But we will stay in contact - as partner schools for job shadowing under KA1, as friends and colleagues and for future project probably with E-twinning .


Find the program and some pictures of the visit below!


Planned for meeting  in Porumbesti 28th March -  01th April 2016


28th March


29th March


30th March


31th March


01th April

arrival of participants

meeting in school at 10:00

meeting in conference room at 9:00

meeting at 9:00

departure of participiants


Summing up what has been done till now

problems - advantages


The Film – progress, update and showing of trailer 


Stonepaper Books Progress and costs


Outstanding finances for the project outcomes (Books  / Films , etc)

The Four Skills Plan


Events and Outcomes  (The whole group)


Things to connect with your final report

(Your own work)


Completing the Self Evaluation

Study visit to the Museum of


to the Dacian kilns for baking pottery in Mediesul Aurit,

and to a pottery in Vama






13:00 lunch at school offered by parents and by teachers


visiting the Museum of the Village


visiting the „BuKi - House” in Cidreag

(about „Hilfe für Kinder in Osteuropa e.V.”)

13:00 lunch at Hotel Perla

lunch in town



Planning for Berlin – Grand Finale 


Grand Finale – Exhibition Planning


Looking ahead to a possible new project (roles and partners)


Any other business

Reporting for the The Final Form 

(All of the above)


Language to use in reporting evaluation (See inside for suggestions)


Mobility tool  - how to use it


in Satu Mare


evening meal: Hotel Perla

evening meal:

Al Capone - restaurant

evening meal:

Promena - restaurant

evening meal:

Miorita - restaurant