Global Soil Week



Global Soil Week 2015
Program Grundschule im Beerwinkel: Terra Preta into our gardens




Special offers

Sunday, 19th April /from 16:00 on

Ulla, Ute

Werner , Sven


Esmanur, Alicia

Setting up the stall


first contacts and talks


from 12 -15:00


Alicia Sayell

Ursula Krause

Dr. Haiko Pieplow

Alicia, Esmanur, Jana, Angelina, Daniel, Maxim,

Terra Preta - practically setting up a Terra-Preta  bed

reading the fable: Paper made from stone

Dr. Haiko Pieplow talks about Terra Preta and his findings

Tuesday, 21st from 12 -15:00

Ulla, Ursula, Alicia

Dieter Wankmüller

Said, Antonia, Anna, Paul, Esmanur, Alicia,

Francis, Berkan (Marie, Angelina ?)

Rebecca Hillauer (Radio)  

Terra Preta

reading the fable: Paper made from stone

saving the land

Dieter Wankmüller (Oelala e.V.) talks about saving land by buying it and turning it into farmland again

Wednesday, 22nd

from 12 -13:00

later: Abbau

Ulla, Ute

Ayumi  Matsuzaka (artist)

Elias, Alicia, Esmanur, Marie, Angelina

reading the fable: Paper made from stone

Art and Terra Preta


Ayumi Matsuzaka  presents her new art ideas concerning Terra Preta  - maybe walk to exhibition/ Installation

Items to take

  • Leaflet about our Terra Preta Project, printed on stone paper (free)
  • Information how to make Terra Preta ( free)
  • Leaflet and information about Oelala e.V. (free)
  • Information ab material about Stonepaper
  • Fables, written by Gunter Pauli 


 Grundschule im Beerwinkel


Demonstration and Talk:

How to make a small Terra Preta Garden
with Dr. Haiko Pieplow , BMWU

Reading: Paper made from stone


Reading: Paper made from stone


 Save the land from monoculture - keep biodiversity - consumers as owners of the land with Dieter Wankmüller/ Oelala e.V.


Reading: Paper made from stone


Terra Preta and Art - Ayumi Matsuzaka presents her art