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Sustainable schools project (2016-2018)

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This project is new in Madrid , in which only take  part 8 schools . The duration is three years or steps and the target is to protect the environment . At the end of these 3 steps the center will get a certificate  .

The project offers a work planning with three issues to work on it.

  • Water
  • Biodiversity
  • Energy and mobility
  • Waste and responsible consumption

The school has to perform activities that include  all issues .It  is recommended that during the first year , one issue will be done , 2 in the second  and the remaining in the third year ,though each school may organize whatever it wants .During this course the school will work on  “Waste and responsible consumption “ issue .

The project requires :

  • Workgroup: Which will be formed for 7 teachers who will guide the other students and they will make decisions in activities and actions with the help of advisers from the Department of Environmental Education and Environmental Training Centers. Both of them will do the assessment in each activity
  • Target group: the group will be taken as a reference, in this case 1st and 2nd ESO. But it will be performed  at all stages ,  adapting activities
  • Environmental Committee : Its function is to implement the activities and actions that are decided from the working group 

Some of the ideas to perform are :

  • Logo : The school may design  a logo which identifies it. All students will have to design one and take part in a contest.
  • Recycling bins : Children will make  bins for the playground
  • Patrols : Relating with the previous activity ,patrols will develop awareness among classmates about not messing facilities
  • School garden
  • Outside lessons
  • To celebrate the days of the environment
  • Crafts with recycled materials

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