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Lantern Making

by (sco)

We got the willow from a sustainable source in the orchard next to the school

We made these lanterns for the Big Burns Supper Parade in Dumfries. We made the lanterns with our art teacher Mrs. Carse. We got the willow from a sustainable source in the orchard next to the school.


  1. Willow
  2. Masking tape
  3. PVA glue mixed with water
  4. White tissue paper

Step 1

First we needed to draw on a piece of paper what we were going to make. Most of us made boats. Once we had finished that, we started making the lanterns. First we needed to make the top of it. We got two bits of willow and taped them together. Then we had to make the bottom of the boat. Once we had taped it all together, we started the next step.

Step 2

Next we had to cover them in tissue paper. We had to get a big bit of it, and then cover one side of it in the PVA glue mixed with water. We then stuck it on to our boats or whatever we were making.

Step 3

You could now decorate your lantern. Most of us put the sea on to the sides. Here are the lanterns we made.

Step 4

Then a few weeks later it was the Big Burns Supper parade. (That’s what we were making them for!) I went to Dumfries for the parade and there were some amazing lanterns there and there were big floats that people had to push.

In the end it was an amazing night and I enjoyed it very much and I was really pleased that I made my own lantern and was in this event.

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Comment by Luca |

Es ist toll!

Comment by Irmak Alpay |

a great project.İnteresting and enjoyable