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3 project meeting in Parla, near Madrid

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3 project meeting "Back to Our Future" in Parla, near Madrid from 26th to 31st October 2015 

Our 3rd  meeting took place in the Spanish partner school Colegio Torrente Ballester in Parla near Madrid.

Some of our colleagues had been in the school in previous meetings but for most of us the school was new.

The reception was really fantastic and all staff, children and parents were very  involved in the meeting . The program  and organisation were really up to our needs ( see below) . So we could talk and decide  on our next steps (see booklet below)  but also enjoy the good Spanish food , the history and the superb culture.

A reception in the town hall brought a wider view to the project. The mayor was impressed and so were we by the architecture of the town hall and the information we could gather.

We are looking forward  to seeing Parla again in spring for a workshop and meet the Spanish team for the big event in June/July 2016.


Enjoy the pictures! 

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